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Concept and production:

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EB5AO does not manufacture for others, share, or has never shared project, or materials to anyone. Since fiberglass, which is commanded to make very specific specifications, cable used, the central mast of a piece, the connection of antenna at the rear, is exclusive of the EAxbeam. So any similar aesthetic and technical, of others, should alert your distrust. Get your questions in info@eaxbeam.com.

I hope to meet your expectations.


In August of 2014 EB5AO designs and manufactures a new project called EAxbeam, based on the famous type with 6 bands hexbeam antenna, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters, currently already available, the first in the world, with VHF and UHF, 30m and 30m and 40m are already in evidence. ALL the models are designs themselves, made by EB5AO and EA5ICR.

Quality and service

The aim is to give the best quality to make the product more competitive as possible, with technical support and after-sales service, as well as a maximum delivery period of 72 hours in the peninsula, consult other destinations.

All antennas are mounted and tested in the workshop before being sent.

-6 bands into a single coaxial coupling without drop and ROE estimated between 1:1 / 1:5 (always approx. and fulfilling the specified minimum), recommended with respect to the ground minimum height should also be 8 m, in lower gives good results.

-Manufacturing uses first quality aluminium and fiberglass ultra resistant to weathering and atmospheric phenomena with UV treatment and outer sheath for added strength.

-The hardware that is used is all A-2/A-4 stainless steel.

-Threads are 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm guaranteed anti UV, moisture, and specially designed to withstand the weather. NOT BE USED COMMON CORD. Terminals, of the highest quality, are crimped and soldiers.

-Laces of 4mm with outer sheath of Nylon and soul 2mm of Spectra, 15 times more resistant than steel, with stainless steel hooks inside.

-First quality aluminium central mast, machining of one piece, no caps or joints.


-THE EAxbeam keep a perfect IMPEDANCE so need not LEECH, and IMPEDANCE adapters...

-Wind resistance tested and proven, watch videos of clients in Socialmedia and EAxbeam channel on You Tube.

-EAxbeam this giving satisfaction to amateur radio in Colombia, Africa, France, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium and Spain.

-EAxbeam has been the antenna of S9BT, S9WL, J5B, J5W, ED1M, H74B, H74W, EH1LHA, EG9TOR, 5K1B, ED9E...


And you? Would you like to be an EAxbeamer?, remember always to ask an EAxbeamer, you know the rest!.


I can not pass up the chance to thank my friends Daniel EA5ICR and Paco EA5AJB for their friendship and support.

Israel EB5AO

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