After-sales service

Here is where you can consult any technical or installation of products of EB5AO (EAxbeam). I will answer as soon as possible.

After-sales service will be solely to the first purchaser of the article EAxbeam.

All the parts used for the manufacture of this antenna, has spare or can be repaired.

Given the number of queries received and heard the contents of the many qso's, I wantto offer, and who want my antenna and does not have possibility to assemble it, either by age, physical problem or simply lack of knowledge, the possibility of installation of the same. Ask budget, we move to your QTH and for a reasonable price you leave your antenna type Hexbeam EB5AO (EAxbeam) mounted in any part of Spain.

EAxbeam has the same warranty that any antenna from any other amateur manufacturer HM, all Hexbeam (EAxbeam) antennas are delivered tested and tested, any claim will not be accepted by the mishandling of its elements.

You have no excuse to enjoy EAxbeam antenna.


-Minimum use coaxial RG-213.

-Minimum height recommended 6 meters.

-Maintenance of the antenna, so it lasts a long time, should be done at least every two years, replacing parts that we believe suitable.

-Everything is checked, please not occur you squeeze as if it were a car wheel, any queries do not hesitate to contact with me.

Israel EB5AO